15 Times People Wanted to Take a Normal Photo but Got a Gem

2 years ago

Photography has become a part of ordinary life. Capturing everything around us, we try to adjust the lighting and find a good posture to get the perfect picture. However, something unusual sometimes breaks into the frame, making an otherwise normal photo a one-in-a-million shot.

We at Bright Side found 15 people who were lucky enough to get that perfect shot that’s worth a million bucks.

1. “The way these bushes line up with the wheels”

2. “My daughter and me learning a very important lesson about feeding goats at a petting zoo.”

3. “The moment Fenton realized the basket he was sitting in and chewing on was going down.”

4. “A rainbow and a jumping frog!”

5. “2 birds”

6. “Hawkward...”

7. “Here’s my lovely friend mere seconds before taking a water bottle to the face.”

8. “Tried to Superman a wood swing and ate sand.”

9. “My parent’s dog photobombed them.”

10. “This is a sunset: half-orange, half-blue. I’ve never seen the sky split in half like that before.”

11. “My mom took a picture of the sunset and a dolphin jumped in the shot.”

12. “My mom took this picture of our dog and also doesn’t know memes.”

13. “Trying to take a picture of a wild parrot in London”

14. “Mom caught it right as I face planted.”

15. “A bee flew toward the camera at the exact moment we took a picture.”

“Pretty sure it’s actually a golden snitch from a nearby Quidditch match.” © Homerpaintbucket / Reddit

Have you ever taken a gem of a shot? Show us your pictures in the comment section below.

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Preview photo credit iamhere1st / Reddit


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photo 7 raises too many questions
who threw a bottle into his face 😅


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