15+ Findings That Prove the Universe Will Never Stop Surprising Us All

2 years ago

Our world never stops tickling our imagination and surprising us with all the marvels it has to offer. It may be unusually tiny or vice versa, extremely huge fruits and vegetables. Or strange-looking mushrooms that not even Alice in Wonderland could imagine. All these things still make us wonder whether they are real or not.

We at Bright Side have gathered some peculiar findings that people can now easily share with each other through the internet.

1. “Bit into a wonderful surprise today and learned about the delicious Lucy Glo apple!”

2. Cucamelons

3. “These large pumpkins I saw on the freeway”

4. “Found old expired tube of Bondo cream hardener, which cracked open upon slight pressure. This was what I discovered inside.”

5. “What the head of a snake looks like in freshly shed snake skin.”

6. “Found this spider hammock made of leaves at the bus stop.”

7. Just a tree that seems to look back at you.

8. “This peanut looks like a duck.”

9. “I found this Bear’s Head Tooth Fungus on my morning walk.”

10. “A church in Bruges with a rainbow behind it!”

11. “My dad sent me this picture of the sunset he saw at work and told me that he is proud of it.”

12. “This is what happens when you plant carrots too close.”

13. “Found a pumpkin-shaped grape today.”

14. “This rock with fossilized shells I found in the middle of a forest in upstate New York.”

15. “I found this heart-shaped potato in my garden.”

16. “A mushroom with its cute baby mushroom on top”

17. “This Jack-o’-lantern with mold growing from inside.”

18. “What happened to my strawberry?”

Has the universe ever surprised you? Have you ever seen something so unusual you couldn’t believe your eyes at first? Did you manage to capture those things on camera? Please share your photos in the comments below.

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