15+ Times Accidental Art Made Us Gasp With Amusement

2 years ago

Our old beloved Mr. Accident never stops producing many colorful wallpapers of our reality. And unlike humans ’he’ doesn’t have to learn many years before creating any mesmerizing masterpiece. This ’guy’ can make a never-ending album of such beauties without any training or effort at all. And believe us, there are thousands of episodes of accidental art that can make our eyes truly sparkle with amusement.

Bright Side found some of his latest magnificent creations and would love to look at them together with you.

1. Yin & Yang cats

2. “A picture of frozen coffee I took”

3. “Patchwork on the streets reminds me of abstract expressionism.”

4. “Extra thick cream in my coffee creates an extra strange pattern.”

5. “The distortions in the glass reflect a distorted city.”

6. “This is what forms when you pour molten tin onto the mesh.”

7. Some fine art on the burned copper bottom of a cooking pot

8. “Dropped phone whilst taking a pic in Tokyo, Japan. Accidental art!”

9. “This is how an AI sees a sunset.”

10. “This vinyl sticker cracked and peeled looking like some black and white painting of a tree.”

11. “Magnetic putty that I lost for a year or 2.”

12. “During a renovation I repaired a hole and found years of paint layers, showing popular colors from the past.”

13. “Earth’s blue jacket lost a feather.”

14. “These very detailed silhouettes of weeds from sunlight against a white car”

15. Sometimes it takes only sun and flowers to create a lovely natural design.

16. “Shadow created by 4 different colored lights above these flowers that my lover gave me”

17. “My tea’s shadow from the sunrise in a glass cup”

18. “The limescale on the inside of this toilet tank looks like a painting of mountains.”

19. “This print my dusty jeans made”

Have you ever seen accidental art like this yourself? Have you been lucky enough to capture it on your phone? Please share your photos in the comments below. We believe some of them may outshine these and make us gasp with amazement once again.

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Preview photo credit stenno1 / reddit


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