A Single Dad Attends a Beauty School to Bond With His Daughter in a Special Way

A parent would do anything for their children. We may have heard stories about single parenting with its ups and downs and various challenges. However, at the end of the day, even if we don’t have a specific guide on how to solve everyday problems, being a parent proves to be quite an adventure. And the fascinating process of learning while raising a child is simply irreplaceable.

We at Bright Side want to tell you Greg’s endearing story. Determined to make his daughter happy, a single father went from knowing absolutely nothing about hair to finding a secret talent and becoming the father of the year as The Hair Dad.

1. It was a dad and daughter moment

Not many girls can say that they have a personal stylist. And even fewer can say that their stylist is their own father. In this case, Greg Wickherst’s story with his daughter is unique because what started with an everyday hairstyle became their special way of bonding.

As a single father, he wanted to find a way to bond with his young daughter, Izzy. As Izzy’s hair grew, he had no idea what to do with it. Greg never had to deal with hair stuff for most of his life. But it was then that he discovered that he could learn to do his daughter’s hair and make it a special moment.

2. From a ponytail to cosmetology school

It all started with a ponytail. Greg has shared that he had no idea how to do a ponytail, but he was determined to learn for his daughter. He worked at a college that happened to have a cosmetology department. One summer, he decided to visit the department and ask the students to help him.

In the blink of an eye, he went from zero to hero. With the help of the cosmetology students, he went from mastering a simple braid to a fishbone braid to a French braid. Greg used to spend his lunch hours practicing the basics using a mannequin, and when he came home, he used his new skills on his daughter’s hair.

3. The best way for them to spend time together

Every day when Greg would home after cosmetology school to practice on Izzy’s hair, they found it to be a really fun experience for both of them. Izzy liked to get her hair done, especially with her father’s unique creations that made her feel pretty. Eventually, this became their favorite hobby and activity to do together as father and daughter.

This fun bonding experience turned into something really special. Eager to learn more, Greg would search for more hairstyle ideas on YouTube. The difficulty and creativity increased more and more until it reached a point where Greg felt confident enough and decided it was time to do something to inspire others as well.

4. From father of the year to “The Hair Dad”

After becoming a role model father to his daughter, Greg decided he wanted to share his talents with the world and, most importantly, the beautiful bond they both shared. This is how “The Hair Dad” was born. Greg started sharing tutorials through Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

The Hair Dad grabbed the attention of the public for being a father most parents could relate to. His passion and love for making his daughter feel beautiful made him a genuine mentor.

One of his most popular tutorials is how to make super simple straw curls without heat. These not-so-complicated tutorials caught the attention of many who wanted to replicate the creative hairstyles on their daughters.

5. Now he teaches other dads to bond in the same way with their daughters.

Greg began teaching face-to-face classes and encouraging other parents in their community to do the same. Just as he built a lovely bond with his daughter, his mission is to inspire other parents to step up their hairstyling game.

But most of all, this helped dads to be better parents. Hair is just an excuse to be present with your kids, and that’s the message Greg wants to spread. It’s about making memories that will last a lifetime.

6. The sweet results of Greg and Izzy’s hairstyles

Izzy’s hair is a work of art. From all the styles, updos, braids, pigtails, and loose looks, this duo dominates the hair game. Here, we want to share some cool hairstyles so that you too can be inspired to do your daughter’s hair.

Flower crown

Infinite braids

Curly half-up

Elsa’s Frozen braid

A funny bun

Heart-shaped braids

Cute little buns

Nailed it like a pro!

Warrior princess hair

The official spring braid

A bond between father and daughter as strong as a braid

It’s been 7 years since The Hair Dad’s journey began. A lot has changed for Greg as a father. He not only learned about hairstyles but also to be present in every moment of his daughter’s life. Even in those little moments that might normally go unnoticed, Greg has learned that life is made up of those little periods of time.

Spending time with our children can happen in different ways. Finding something you both love and, most of all, enjoy is key. At the end of the day, it’s not about how many hairstyles you share on social media, it’s about all the smiles you and your kids exchange with one another.

Is there any special activity you like to do with your kids that strengthens your bond? Share it with us in the comments!


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