The Top 13 Dad Jokes Guaranteed to Make Your Day Better

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“Why did the ghost buy a box of bandages? Because he had so many BOO BOOs!” Sometimes a joke is so bad, we groan, but it still makes us laugh. Dad humor is such a classic genre, it even has a place on governmental web pages. We love the creativity of dad humor, so we put together some pics of the best dad jokes ever.

1. Burr Martin trolls his daughter by recreating her selfies.

2. “Finally started working out again, and this is what my dad thinks.”

3. “Ladies and gentlemen, I present my father.”

4. “My girlfriend’s dad posted this with the caption, ’Can’t believe this guy left his GPS on his dash when he went in the store.’”

5. “We didn’t have 19 candles. My dad said the cake was 4 my birthday.”

6. “My dad ’tried’ to wrap a present this year.”

7. “Dad has just figured out how to use the front camera.”

8. “My stepdad...he was the best!”

9. This may be the best dad joke idea for Christmas decorations.

10. “My dad’s pumpkin carving has a lot of personality!”

11. “My dad makes my stepmom take pictures of him doing weird things when we have record-breaking low temperatures.”

12. “My dad is adorable and his bad jokes always make me happy.”

13. “My dad asked me if I wanted an egg sandwich. I’m not even mad, this is genius!”

What puns and jokes did you hear from your dad? Do you tell any of them to your own kids? Let us know in the comments.

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