20 Pics That Will Make You Feel Like You Are Watching an Illusionist Show

2 years ago

It’s fascinating how something as static as a picture can have the power to confuse us as we stare at it and try to figure it out. Our brain makes us see things that aren’t actually true and shows us a whole different perspective. It could be a child looking like it has tattoos on its arm, or a hand growing out of its head. Something that looks impossible becomes possible and leaves us scratching our heads.

Bright Side loves to challenge you, so we’ve found 20 pictures that will most definitely skew your perspective and make you do a double or even a triple take.

1. “It looks like our baby has tattoos already.”

2. “My daughter might be a demon.”

3. “A rail support on a tram.”

4. Interesting looking ice cream

5. “This doggo got a nice set of teeth.”

6. Novak Djokovic casually emerging from his friend’s stomach.

7. “School basement hallway.”

8. “The snow/ice in this pic looks like the ocean.”

9. “Massive explosion outside my window.”

10. “I thought I took a really cool picture of my dog with his tongue out.”

11. Someone had fun designing this subway entrance.

12. “Air bubble makes my daughter’s Taekwondo instructor look like he has an afro.”

13. Gigi Hadids and Zayn’s baby daughter look like she has a tattoo sleeve.

14. “This pic of my wife and I look like 2 pictures put together.”

15. No, this is not a mirror.

16. “My dad was hugging my mom.”

17. “This leaf looks like it cracked the windshield.”

18. A very strange kind of stairs.

19. “The reflection of my truck window makes the tall soda can appear to be regular size.”

20. “I drew poppy outlines for my class to cut out — they look like they overlap but don’t.”

Have you taken photos that have ended up having a confusing perspective? We would love to give our brains and eyes an even longer workout, so, please, share them with us!

Preview photo credit Marascaaa2 / reddit


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