17 Times Nature Took a Day Off and Things Got Mixed Up

2 years ago

A bee without black stripes, a cloud that looks like a shark, and toes that changed places are some of the things that might happen when nature gets tired of working. However, willingly or not, nature can’t stop surprising us with its wild creations.

We at Bright Side can’t get enough of nature’s marvelous work and created one more compilation for you.

1. “My pinky toe and my second to last toe exchanged places.”

2. “My brother’s cat has thumbs.”

3. “This bird looks like it has human lips.”

4. “I have absolutely ridiculously flat, wide, and ugly middle fingers and thumbs.”

5. “First snow of the year. This morning vs. This afternoon”

6. “This purely golden bee landed on my car today.”

7. “My aunt’s cat has the word no circled in his fur pattern.”

8. “This tabby cat’s tail end is orange colored.”

9. “This blue jay still has half of its baby feathers.”

10. “There is a plant growing from under my sink.”

11. “This tomato sprouted all its seeds while they were still inside.”

12. “This cloud shaped like a great white shark.”

13. “One of my chickens laid a spherical egg.”

14. “Found this seagull that has 2 pupils.”

15. “I have 5 wisdom teeth.”

16. “7 leaf clover I found.”

17. “A watermelon growing from a tree.”

Do you have any interesting pictures that show nature’s wild creations? Share them with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit MaDDieOP / Reddit


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