16 People Who Gave a New Look to Ordinary Things

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Designers are always testing the limits of their creativity and trying to approach things from brand-new perspectives. Their out-of-the box thinking often leads to truly inspiring products that show everyday objects in a different light.

We at Bright Side are, once again, amazed by the colorful imaginations people have and collected some of the most impressive renderings of ordinary things.

1. “The sunlight through this fountain looks like it’s pouring lava in L’Aquila, Italy.”

2. “This bus stop in Poland”

3. “Barcode flowers”

4. A grapefruit-shaped cap for a box of juice

5. “The snowflakes on the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) sign are made out of airplanes.”

6. “My dogs tore apart a cactus toy to reveal another sad cactus toy.”

7. “Someone drew a cat on a tree.”

8. “This billboard to raise awareness about stutters”

9. “This book...stand?”

10. “Someone knitted a sweater around this tree.”

11. “A wet floor warning sign”

12. “This cup! Kinda cute though...”

13. “This doorknob at my local dentist”

14. “Found this on a sweater I bought.”

15. This car, decorated with a lot of smaller cars

16. “This women’s restroom sign at a hardware store”

What’s the most creative version of an everyday object that you’ve come across? Share your photos with us in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit daenel / Reddit


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