20+ People Who Set Their Real Hair Free, and Their Beauty Skyrocketed

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3 years ago

Beauty standards say that to be beautiful, you have to have long, thick, flowing hair. That’s why, for example, straightening procedures are now more popular than ever. But to break this cycle and prove society wrong, more and more people are going against the flow and letting their real hair shine again. Big chops, new curling methods, and learning how to love their waves are some of the ways people are now embracing their true selves.

Bright Side is proud to present you with some of these people who bravely accepted their real hair and are now happier than ever.

1. “You look so much happier, we can see it in your eyes.”

2. “Which goddess are you? Wish my curls could be that defined!”

3. “How good it feels to love your hair the way it grows out of your head!”

4. " I can’t believe how much time I used to waste straightening my hair."

5. “Anyone else feels like their hair can turn them into 2 completely different people?”

6. “Embracing my natural dark hair!”

7. “I used to straighten my hair daily! 5 years into my own modified curly girl method.”

8. “I never expected results like this. So excited for the future.”

9. “What a glow-up! Learning how to care for your hair makes all the difference.”

10. “The result of lots of time and curly hair care, among a few other things.”

11. “I look about 15 years younger since I stopped straightening.”

12. “Lighter, healthier, curlier, rose goldier...”

13. “Decided to do a big chop and not straighten my hair anymore!”

14. “You’re glowing! Your skin and hair! You can see it in your eyes.”

15. “Learned how to cater to my lovely curls.”

16. “I straightened my hair for 11 years and it left me with half a life of dry, dull, frizzy hair.”

17. “I finally mustered up the courage to stop straightening my hair!”

18. “Chopped off my hair and I haven’t looked back since.”

19. “My box-dyed, over straightened hair vs now, after a year of no heat”

20. “I learned to embrace my curly hair!”

21. “I suddenly felt that Beyonce vibe when I saw the second pic.”

What’s your natural hair like? Between straight and curly, which style do you prefer?


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Huh, maybe I should stop fiddling with braids and sock buns trying to get wavy hair and just be fine with my straight hair


#10 is also result of several years of hormone replacement therapy and more than a few cosmetic surgeries including a male to female gender re-assigment operation.


One of my friends has naturally wavy hair and she spends an hour each morning straightening it. If she could see how much happier these people are I think she would let her beautiful natural hair flow free.


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