17 People That Must’ve Made the Cooking Gods Furious

3 years ago

We can’t all be like Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen, and that’s okay. But the people we’ve collected in this compilation made some really funny mistakes and then shared them online for our enjoyment.

We at Bright Side hope you’ve never had to deal with such problems, and hopefully, these photos will make you smile instead of reminding you about your own failures in the kitchen.

“I accidentally pushed the ’broil’ button instead of the ’bake’ button.”

“This is what happens when you forget to poke a hole in the spaghetti squash and then attempt to cut it after it’s baked. It explodes in your face!”

“My cookies”

“Always preheat your pizza stone while the oven heats. Lost my brand new pampered chef pizza stone to thermal shock because I lost the instructions.”

“This morning, I added curry instead of cinnamon to my hot milk.”

“This croissant doesn’t look too good, but it tasted just fine.”

“Runaway mixer tried to fall on my leg, and this is the result.”

“My friend wrote: ’Apparently, I bought a brining bag instead of a baking bag.’”

“Homemade chocolate-covered salted caramels. At least they were good before they all sprang leaks.”

“I wondered why dinner tasted odd. Guess I’m never letting my mother cook dinner ever again.”

“It’s funny until it happens to you.”

“I could’ve burnt my whole house down just by putting a plastic cover over my ham in my oven.”

“It’s still good...it’s still good!”

“Didn’t have any butter so tried using margarine for cookies...”

“Over the holidays, my sister tried to make a peppermint candy platter on a perforated pizza pan.”

“I guess I’m such a bad chef that even the sausages turned themselves inside out.”

“The croissants my brother made”

Have you ever had any cooking fails? Tell us about them in the comment section below!

Preview photo credit mathewkhan / Reddit


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