15+ Times People Saw a Show Without Even Expecting It

2 years ago

As Dick Francis once wrote, “Some are born weird, some achieve it, others have weirdness thrust upon them.” And if we were born that way, we can own and truly enjoy it. If someone around acts a bit odd, maybe it’s a good time to grab a camera and take that one in a million shot.

Bright Side has found some playful creatures whose artistic skills will put a smile on your face.

1. “So my buddy and his girlfriend went to a petting zoo.”

2. “I went to the zoo but the rhino was tired.”

3. “Not quite. But Cinder tried really hard to fits.”

4. “My daughter walked into the living room looking like this.”

5. “That’s rude!”

6. “He can taste the freedom.”

7. He’s just trying to help.

8. “Me as a kid learning to not mess with pelicans. To this day my favorite photo.”

9. “This looks comfortable.”

10. “Our cat always wants to come in through the window so we made it festive.”

11. “Think about how many pieces of that dog food the kid probably ate during this too.”

12. I asked “Can I get a cute picture of me and my dog.” This is what I get instead.

13. “Our dog looking like the Joker when we caught him in this pic mid-shake.”

14. “Hiding from the dog he pissed off.”

15. “Thought no one was looking.”

16. “Bertie’s still figuring out this whole legs thing.”

Have you ever seen such fanciful creatures before? Have you managed to capture them on camera? Please share your stories. And don’t forget to attach some photos too!

Preview photo credit Mstewy13 / imgur


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