15+ Pros Dish Out the Juicy Tea on Their Professions (You’ll Want to Hear Every Sip)

9 months ago

Every profession has its own secrets. And many of them are worth knowing to save your money, time, and energy. Besides, it is a unique opportunity to put yourself into others’ shoes and change your attitude toward a particular profession and the people that work in it, which will actually benefit everyone.

  • All hotels have had bed bugs at one point or another. High-end and low-end hotels. What separates the good hotels from the bad ones is how they handle bed bugs once they are discovered. But if you ask the front desk if they have ever had bed bugs, they will typically lie and say no, since most people don’t understand how bed bug infestations happen. © XenaJaneway / Reddit
  • At the airlines, we generally have no idea where your bag is at any given time. It follows a chain of events to get to the right place. If it ends up missing, no one is “looking” for your bag. © LikeLemun / Reddit
  • I used to work at a daycare. The law in Washington state was 14 toddlers to 2 staff members, and most daycares try to run at the max amount, which provides a terribly stressful environment for children. Even if you enroll your kid in a daycare with less children-to-teacher ratio, the daycare is probably trying to raise it, and that lower ratio is usually temporary. © cheeseburgervixen / Reddit
  • My family owns a peach garden. Sometimes, peaches have bugs. What do you do? You can’t sell spoiled peaches, but you need money. Sell them to juice companies for 5 cents a kilo. (This isn’t only for peaches btw any sort of juice is like that.) © souffle-pancakes / Reddit
  • As an occasional ghostwriter, it’s a pretty open secret that a lot of blogs written by “person X” are written by a ghostwriter. What is not so commonly known is how many ghostwriters might be involved in a chain. I did a lot of work for another ghostwriter. He wanted to save time, so he’d outsource 80% of the work to me. The chain is basically [Guy at the Company Who The Blog Is Under] -> [Marketing Content Writer At Company] -> [Ghostwriter] -> [Me] © rappingwhiteguys / Reddit
  • My friend is a doctor. He said that hospitals always overcharge the patient. One solution to this is to ask for an itemized invoice, and more often than not, there will be a significant reduction in the invoice. I tried it once and it worked! © sugarcookie007 / Reddit
  • Reinforced glass and security camera may not actually be unbreakable or being monitored or recorded, respectively. If you can see the monitor showing the camera feed, it doesn’t actually mean it’s being recorded, either. © Surprise_Corgi / Reddit
  • Movie theaters are full of bugs. No matter how much you clean, bugs will live off the food dropped and are very good at hiding, even exterminators can’t get them all. Plus, with all kinds of people coming in, they bring in bugs, fleas, lice, etc., and we can’t refuse service just because someone absolutely stinks. Think about that next time you sit down. © SomewhatAnonamoose / Reddit
  • Insurance agent here for all home buyers. Make sure you buy some sort of mold coverage. When pipes burst, or you have a leaky faucet or some sort of water damage, we’ll write it off as non-covered mold. Save yourself the extra hassle and get some limited mold coverage. © CebuWolfRiceKiba / Reddit
  • This isn’t a secret, but everything is photoshopped. I am constantly pointing out bad Photoshop jobs to people in ads, and people will say, “What are you talking about? Looks real to me!” Trust me... everything is Photoshopped, put through a filter, shrunken, stretched, brightened, just to make you want to buy it. © tootmyfloot / Reddit
  • Pressing burger to make them cook faster. Don’t you ever do that again. It doesn’t work like that. RebelWarmaster / Reddit
  • Electrician here. Electrical isn’t that hard, a couple of how-to books from your library and a codebook can teach you all you need to do basic electrical work. The hard part is just understanding HOW it works. © ridernation_* / Reddit


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