9 Outdated Hair Cuts and Color Trends That Many Women Are Still Clinging Onto

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3 years ago

The first combs appeared 5,000 years ago and were found in Africa. Since then, people have dedicated a lot of time and effort to their hair, while popular hairstyles and color techniques change as rapidly as trends in clothes or accessories.

At Bright Side, we studied the latest trends and found out what hairstyles and colors can be left behind for at least the next decade.

1. The donut bun

Donut buns that were popular a few years ago are no longer very trendy. This hairstyle has been replaced with low buns and ponytails with a deep middle part and hair tucked behind the ears. This hairstyle instantly reads as polished and sophisticated.

2. Complex braids

Complex braids were perfect enough for any occasion, whether it was work, a wedding, or a party. But they belong in the past now. Fashion, when it comes to a natural look, dictates its own rules. A simple braid is the current hot trend. You can do it with 2 bands — just make a low ponytail, braid it, and secure it with another band.

3. A high ponytail

Thanks to Ariana Grande, a thick, high ponytail became desirable for many girls. But the popularity of this hairstyle is fading. Stylists recommend either a low ponytail or the classic option of this hairstyle, where the ponytail is located between the top of the head and the nape of the neck.

4. A short bob with a shaved back

Derek Yuen, a stylist to many celebrities, has been cutting a lot of bobs lately. But not regular bobs — blunt bobs. “The sharp, precise cut makes this style a win in photos and on red carpets,” he says, recommending that you choose a length that best suits your face shape.

5. Smooth, straightened hair

If you’re blessed with curls, right now is the time to embrace them. Fashion insiders are leaning into their natural hair textures that can be emphasized with the help of styling products.

6. Space buns

These 2 buns that look like Minnie Mouse ears or Princess Leia’s famous hairdo were extremely popular on social media. But the brighter the trend, the shorter it lasts. Today, we’re gravitating toward more classic top knot styles. Switch your space bun look out for a simple updo style instead.

7. Small curls

Stylists recommend replacing tight small curls with classic soft, ’40s-inspired waves. Your hair shouldn’t look like you’ve spent a few hours in a salon. Nowadays, fashion is all about the natural look and the feeling that your hair took nothing more than a few minutes to do.

8. Snow White blonde

Getting your hair as bright and blonde as possible became a huge trend in past years. And while it’s certainly an enchanting tone to have, it doesn’t suit everyone’s complexion. Not only can it wash out those with warm skin tones, but bleaching and toning your hair constantly in order to maintain such a color is extremely damaging to your lovely locks. The trendy shades of the season are strawberry blonde, pearl blonde, and honey blonde. It’s better to pick a shade that suits your skin tone.

9. Dip-dyed hair

Bright colors will still be popular in the upcoming season. But dip-dyed hair that has been popular for a few years belongs in the past now. This trend has been replaced with root-stretching and all-over color.

How do you choose your hair style and color? Tell us in the comments below.


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As a cosmetologist, I find the need for fashion trends to be antiquated. Beauty is supposed to be about self-expression and doing what makes a person feel confident, not desperately clinging to whatever is in popular fashion in an attempt to make other people happy with their appearance. Literally everything in this article is so cringy to me, it sounds like it was written by some middle-aged man after he spent 2 hours on tiktok. Here's the only trend that matters from here on out: do your hair in whatever manner makes you happy and screw everybody else.


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