16 People Shared Their Accomplishments and Can’t Hide Their Excitement

2 years ago

Very often we see people gushing about their accomplishments, waiting for us to congratulate them. Even the most simple compliment can lift someone up and make them feel valuable and precious. That’s because everyone needs to feel appreciated and important, and we should strive to always make sure we aren’t lying to someone and try to be genuinely positive.

Bright Side knows that every one of us needs some admiration every once in a while, and here we’re giving our warmest applause to these 16 people.

1. “I completed the LEGO Colosseum. One of the biggest LEGO sets I’ve done.”

2. “Just wanted to share my oil painting I did this week! Took me about 20 hours total.”

3. “Spent the weekend transforming the garden for the kids. Couldn’t be happier with the result.”

4. “This is a pencil drawing. My latest portrait, done after 140 hours.”

5. “I’m finally a published author (took over 14 years to write).”

6. “My completely obsolete DVD collection”

7. “Always missing Mac. Here’s an oil painting I just finished of him.”

8. “One hour oil sketch at our local park today!”

9. “Me and my sister made a huge toilet roll tower.”

10. “My stained glass panel was just accepted to a museum for the first time.”

11. “My wife baked her first cake ever in 2020. Today she made this for a friend.”

12. “I made a very round snowman.”

13. “Father and son looking at the Father and Son mural I painted of them.”

14. “A photo from 50 years ago. Restored, reframed, enhanced, and colorized by me.”

15. “My photo of the LEGO DeLorean. I worked so much on the real effects, even having the car a bit burnt.”

16. “Another mask of mine”

Have you ever created something you felt very proud of? Did you share it online or only with your friends and family?

Preview photo credit DmitriyBragin / reddit


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