15 Reasons Why Children Are a Mixed Bag of Laughter and Mischief

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2 years ago

Any parent knows that having a kid at home is sometimes the most akin to trying to handle barely controllable chaos. Kids haven’t figured out how to behave yet, so their brains just work differently. Add to this an insane amount of “unintentionally funny” moments, and you’ll get yourself some comedy gold.

Bright Side adores these tiny people, so we’ve collected 15 shining examples of “kid logic” for your viewing pleasure.

1. “This explains why the temperature in our home has been wildly fluctuating for the past week.”

2. “The second day of life and my daughter is already not impressed.”

3. “My son, the thief”

4. “One of the fastest attacks ever”

5. “For the last 2 months, she consistently asked to be Dorothy with a pirate hat and I love it.”

6. “Threenager confirmed. I told her to bring her chair over. I can’t get mad, she did bring over the chair...”

7. “My daughter had my wife’s phone on a long car ride. She ordered all the Barbie dream houses from Amazon.”

8. “My 4-year-old and I did each other’s makeup and he drew something on my chest that makes me worried for my soul.”

9. “My daughter asked to drive the skeleton.”

10. “My son received a ’business’ card from a classmate.”

11. “Bought my daughter a gaming chair...”

12. “My 3-year-old is angry because the beavers keep chomping on the tree.”

13. “Finally figured out how to baby-proof the oven.”

14. “When you bring your nieces shopping with you and they make a discovery.”

15. “My daughter has always been a ’think later’ kind of girl.”

Do you have photos of your kid (or yourself as a kid) doing something hilariously silly? Share them with us in a comment!

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