23 Situations That Perfectly Drive People Crazy

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We’ve all experienced the frustration that comes when a purchase isn’t what we thought it’d be or when it came to us faulty. It could be that our brand-new socks have holes in them after just a 4-hour walk, or that we bought bread that’s empty inside... or a pesky pair of women’s jeans with pockets that can barely fit a few coins. These things might seem small, but they can be enough to drive us up the wall.

Bright Side knows this feeling all too well, and we’d like to show you 23 examples of those exact infuriating situations.

1. ’’NOT what I was hoping for...’’

2. ’’You have to step over the bathtub to use the toilet.’’

3. “Brand new socks lasted for about 4 hours of walking.”

4. “I bought new jeans.”

5. “The bread my mom bought today”

6. “So I bought a pomegranate...”

7. “Bought a coloring book and pencils to keep me busy while I’m off work. Thought these were full-size pencils.”

8. “Bought a new monitor and the front logo isn’t centered.”

9. “New apartment — I have no words for this.”

10. “The lock that I bought came like this...”

11. “The navigation buttons on my new scientific calculator”

12. “Installing this had to be a masterpiece of creativity. Now, how to use my new dishwasher...”

13. “The guy who measured our house for new carpet forgot the stairs.”

14. “This pizza slice I bought — the toppings are so small, they’re almost nonexistent.”

It’s actually a Focaccia.

15. “I bought ’100% blackout’ curtains.”

16. “The mac ’n’ cheese I bought for my little brother didn’t come with a cheese packet.”

17. “I’ve had this car for 4 days.”

18. “Bought a Squid Game mask for Halloween, and this is what came.”

19. “Brand new gloves, 8 hours of work”

20. “Every outlet in the house we bought was installed upside down.”

21. “The way the arrows are laid out on my new keyboard”

22. “My new $150 queen-sized weighted blanket on my queen-sized bed”

23. ’’What I asked for vs what I got’’

Have you ever bought something that has absolutely infuriated you, because it wasn’t what you expected? What was that product?

Please note: This article was updated in July 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit Upbeat_Breath_6817 / reddit


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