15 Posh Wedding Dresses That Cost Their Owners Pennies

3 years ago

There are 2 types of people in the world when it comes to wedding celebrations — those who adore big celebrations and invite all their friends and relatives to share their big day with, ready to continue the feast for several days in a row; and those who are more prone to having a small cozy party, wearing a self-made dress or one bought from a thrift store, and carrying a bridal bouquet made of garden flowers. The characters of today’s article can definitely relate to the latter.

Today, we at Bright Side have, once again, been dumbfounded while looking through photos online of people who managed to find fantastic wedding dresses at such low prices, which is quite a difficult task. The bonus feature at the end of the article will prove to you that it’s not only a wedding dress but also a posh complement to it that can be found for little money.

“Vintage wedding dress: $10, Van Gogh Print: $4”

“I confessed to my mom that I hated my original wedding dress and started to cry. That’s why we went to a nearby thrift store and found this dress there. It made my wedding perfect.”

“I got my dream wedding dress for $35.”

“My $36 wedding dress from a mass-market store! It was the luckiest find of my life.”

“Crazy ’80s vintage wedding dress for $7! Felt like I was living ALL my ’80s Disney princess dreams.”

“Hello, I would also like to show off my $20 wedding dress. It just required a small fix to the zipper and a dry clean! Plus, it has pockets.”

“A wedding dress I found in a charity shop a few months ago along with a note”

“This wedding dress was made in 1976. It is a lucky one as I am still married — 43 years. Good luck.”

“A wedding dress I made 32 years ago.”

“Found my $300 dream wedding dress for $20!! And it fits like a GLOVE!”

“I got married last year. I was super proud to have found my wedding dress in a thrift store. It did need some alterations, but I thought it turned out perfect.”

“Went into my local thrift store not expecting to find this, but it was a chance of a lifetime. Once I put it on, I knew it was the one. The price tag ($100) was the icing on the (wedding) cake.”

“Found my wedding dress at a local thrift store for $65. I can’t wait to see it fitted, I know I’ll fall in love all over again.”

“Found my wedding dress today. I believe it’s from the 1950s. Only paid $64 for it.”

“It needs some alterations, but I bought my wedding dress today for $25!!!”

“My friend guided me to a charity shop that had a brand new wedding dresses donation from a boutique; this had $2,200 on the tag. I got it for $35, and it fits like a glove!”

Bonus #1: “Crazy story! Yesterday morning, I was about to buy these $32 shoes for my wedding in 2 weeks. I held off going shopping, and a few hours later, I found them for $4 in my size.”

Bonus #2: “Found the most awesome shoes for my wedding. Best $7 I ever spent.”

Are you someone who likes big celebrations, or do you prefer not to spend money lavishly and save it if possible?

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