20 “Warm” Photos That Delivered Us a Package Full of Smiles

year ago

People and animals alike are able to put a smile on your face even if you’re looking at them through a screen. Whether it’s because they are doing something silly or sweet, they will never stop reminding us how incredible the world around us can be. And we should never take the people and pets in our lives for granted, but rather, be thankful that we have them, just like how they are thankful for us.

One of Bright Side’s biggest passions is smiling, and it’d be selfish of us if we didn’t share those 20 pictures that we hope will make your day just a bit better!

1. A floof was spotted on the subway.

2. “Our kitten, Bowie, is a brave, majestic beast.”

3. When your wife braids your hair as a stress relief.

4. “My lil baby loves to hide in my hair!”

5. “Took a photo of my kiddo and realized the park and myself were reflected in his eyes if you zoom in on it.”

6. “My dad and the beloved duck that he raised from an egg”

7. “We surprised my brother with a kitten recently, but it looks like our golden thought it was her birthday...”

8. “Baby lamb came in that will need to be bottle-fed! How stinking adorable is she?!”

9. “Poor guy was just too sleepy.”

10. “There’s nothing much better than receiving the head-butt of approval!”

11. “My new foster puppy is fitting into the pack just fine!”

12. “My foot was chosen as a snoot pillow during breakfast!”

13. “Some things don’t change. 90 years of cool!”

14. A handful of sweetness

15. “Was heading out to work, I think she wants to come with me!”

16. “Master has given Dobby a sock! Dobby is free!”

17. “Seeing these guys brought so much joy into my day!”

18. “Our border collie takes his big brother duty very seriously. He won’t leave our baby’s side. How precious!”

19. “Wife just got home from an 8-day trip...found her like this.”

20. “My toddler came home from the hospital and immediately went to get a kiss from my eldest.”

Which one of these pics warmed your heart the most? And we’re sure that you have similar sweet pictures, so please share them with everyone, and let’s make our days better together!


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