15+ Wholesome Pics to Prove That Love Can Be Found in Each Step We Take

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Psychologists claim that there are 2 kinds of love. One of them, the passionate kind, can be found at the very beginning of our relationship with our beloved. But the other kind, companionate love, is thought to be the most rewarding type. That’s because this kind of feeling helps us keep this strong bond with our friends and significant others. Today, we’ll show you how both kinds of love can be easily found in everyday life.

Here at Bright Side, we’ve found 18 photos that shout out various notes of love. We’d love for you to take a look at them and feel warm and cozy together with us.

1. “We just got a lovebird and every time I take selfies, she wants to join in and look at herself on the screen.”

2. “He hugs me like this every time I come home from college, his face says it all.”

3. “Getting gray, 15 years together”

4. “Newlyweds planted sycamore trees, then joined them together to symbolize 2 becoming 1.”

5. “Yesterday was my grandfather’s ninetieth. When I asked him what he wanted to do, he said he wanted to get haircuts together.”

6. “My grandfather’s dog passed away last year. Today we surprised him with these cuties.”

7. “I turned my grandmother’s kitchen wallpaper into a dress.”

8. “How I choose to remember my granddad”

9. “My granny gave me this ring, telling me it would bring me friends.”

“The heart pointing to the fingertip indicates being single, and the crown toward the fingertip means you’re taken.”

10. “My dad and I used to get milkshakes together all the time. My daughter and I are sharing our first milkshake together.”

11. “I sewed grandmother’s beautiful crocheted doilies onto my wedding dress. I wanted to honor her in some way on our day.”

12. “Someone left the peanut butter on the counter.”

13. “Tribute to my girls: the left paw print with the single pink toe is on the left, and the right paw print is for her sister that passed away.”

14. “A photo of my son next to a photo of my dad who passed away in 2015 when he was in high school”

15. “Married for 17 years today, together for 34”

16. “A photo shoot with the same photographer taken 2 years apart — minus 100 pounds and with 1 engagement ring”

17. “My son has been growing his hair for 4 years and donated 12 inches to charity. I couldn’t stop smiling, I’m so proud.”

18. “Sleeping 100 years apart”

Who is a person you’d like to say “I love you” to? Tag them in the comments.

Preview photo credit moseswilliams /Imgur


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