20+ Photos That Prove the World of Animals Is Full of Questions

2 years ago

Sometimes our pets’ logic is beyond any expectations. Often, they simply leave us a bit puzzled about what their next step will be or why are they behaving in such a silly way. They crush, they steal, their sneaky noses find out the most unbelievable ways to get trapped in a fence or in their most beloved toy.

We at Bright Side gathered around 20+ hilarious photos that prove our little friends are more unpredictable than we may think. And that’s actually why we all adore them.

1. “My dog doesn’t like it when you sneeze so she tries to hide in the dishwasher.”

2. “Just my dog taking naps. Normal...”

3. “How could you be mad at her with eyes like those.”

4. “I almost reported a kidnapping when I saw the interior of all the walls was scratched almost 6 feet up. Then I saw the dog.”

5. “Threw my dog a birthday party. He seems unimpressed.”

6. “Did my business, walked away, came back, and found this!”

7. A very strange catty obsession

8. “Mr. Zoolander wanted to do some washing machine spelunking when he got bamboozled by the lid.”

9. Caught stealing.

10. “The sweet taste of freedom is edging ever closer.”

11. “Clover enjoys my sandals.”

12. Just trolling the doggies.

13. “My Maine Coon goes outside even when it’s pouring, then sits in front of the door like this...”

14. “Forgot to put the bowl back on her automatic feeder.”

15. Young kleptomaniac

16. “Daisy with her favorite toy”

17. Yes, this way it is much more interesting.

18. “You’re supposed to go in the crate...”

19. “The face of regret”

20. “I remove the dog’s bowls and come back to find Kira.”

21. “She always does this when I slowly move my hand toward her. I think she’s broken.”

22. “Just watching some Mandalorian.”

23. Too tired to even care.

24. Someone trying to sneak treats.

Has your pet done something weird or crazy? Have you gotten a chance to capture it on your phone? Please share your stories and photos. We’ll be glad to continue this topic in the comments below.

Preview photo credit WherePip / reddit


Too much Brilliance to choose a Favourite!
Though my cat knows to stay on her side of the door while she drives me insane flicking the doorstop, l can't get angry bc she still is on her side of the door. *sigh* lol

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