17 Situations That Would Make Us Stop and Scream, “Hell No!”

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No matter how much we try to avoid them, we can’t escape facing unfortunate events every now and then. And instead of allowing one bad situation to anger them or ruin their entire day, some people choose to laugh it off and turn their bad luck into a hilarious story that they often joke about. After all, bad days aren’t always that bad, as they teach us to truly appreciate the value of the blessings that come our way.

1. ’’The hair clippers died.’’

2. ’’This woman sitting next to me on the bus’’

3. ’’I went to get my bangs cut, came home, and brushed my hair only to find this.’’

4. ’’I forgot to pack my gym shoes.’’

5. ’’My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.’’

6. ’’I went out on a boat without sunscreen.’’

7. ’’The new glove supplier for our lab’’

8. ’’I dropped my cologne in my sink.’’

9. ’’I managed to burn only the inside of my frozen bread.’’

10. ’’There goes my easy day at work.’’

11. ’’Everyone, including my parents, forgot it was my birthday today, so I improvised.’’

12. ’’Unfortunately, I dropped an egg.’’

13. “My mom borrowed my gaming mouse because she lost hers. This is how she returned it.”

14. ’’I lost the orange lottery.’’

15. ’’This one hair in my mustache that bends the wrong way’’

16. ’’I made croissants with ham, got distracted halfway through, and apparently forgot to fold half of them.’’

17. ’’My wedding ring was a little tight when we got it 20 years ago, finally had to cut it off today.’’

Do you often have bad luck? How do you usually deal with unfortunate situations?


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