15 People Who Used Their Imaginations and Crafty Hands to Create Memorable Halloween Costumes

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Although for some, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, for others, Halloween takes the title of most exciting. It means candy, all-new adventures, and the chance of dressing up as anything you want. And when it comes to costumes, many don’t even turn to stores for their picks. Instead, they make the getups themselves, and the results from previous years prove they can be just as remarkable.

1. “I created a glow-in-the-dark jellyfish costume for Halloween.”

2. “My daughter’s Sally Witch costume that I crocheted”

3. “My wife turned our daughter into a snake for Halloween.”

4. “He stood still for 3 hours to get his custom-made Iron Man costume made from balloons.”

5. “I made a storm cloud costume. The lights flash like lightning and a storm simulator app plays rolling thunder sounds.”

6. “I created a costume made from Halloween decorations.”

7. “My son wanted to be a smoke detector for Halloween. We made it happen.”

8. “My son’s Young Maleficent costume I’ve been working on for 2 years, finished by his mom just in time for Halloween.”

9. “My grandma found a clever way to incorporate her walker into her Halloween costume.”

10. “We dressed our pup up as The Big Bad Wolf.”

11. “I’m 6’6” and I like to blow coworkers’ minds for Halloween."

12. “Went as a storm reporter to a local Halloween party.”

13. “My nephew had 6-hour heart surgery the day before Halloween. This is how they solved his walking restriction for trick or treating.”

14. “My buddy’s Winifred Sanderson costume he made for Halloween”

15. “I crochet full-body costumes for my son. Xenomorph from Alien was the pick this time.”

Do you celebrate Halloween? What costume have you seen that you’ve never forgotten about?

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It looks like the Maleficent Wongs are actually feathers! Just wondering if they were 'gathered' or 'bought' bc it is so cool! (All the costumes are stunning this time!)


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