20 Selfies That Prove Animals Love to Steal the Show Too

year ago

For some years now, selfies have become very important in our lives. And there is nothing better than being able to see yourself in the camera before clicking. However, certain elements can improve them even more. And no, they are not filters, but very special animals, which come into the picture with all their magic to turn an ordinary photo into a shot worthy of framing and hanging in the living room.

1. “Cow selfie”

2. “Goat selfie.”

3. “Just here to take a selfie.”

4. “Selfie with Oliver and his little brother.”

5. “When you take a selfie with your bird at the exact right moment.”

6. “She’s thinking, ’there better be some baby carrots following this selfie!’”

7. “Funny selfie with an ostrich.”

8. “My dog always smiles for the camera. Apparently, he takes mirror selfies as well!”

9. “I tried taking a selfie with my foster, but he had to yawn.”

10. “Let’s do a selfie together! Woolie smile...”

11. “It took a week training Bowie to ’selfie.’ Totally worth it!”

12. “Selfie with the bestie!”

13. “Taking silly selfies with Pickle.”

14. “Cutest selfie you’ll see today.”

15. “Quokka Selfies to brighten up your day!”

16. “My dad sent me this selfie.”

17. “Selfie with my squirrel friend.”

18. “Selfie time!”

19. “When you try to get a good selfie with your girl”

20. “Phoenix taking a selfie with his new little sister.”

What’s the funniest selfie you’ve ever taken with an animal? Share your best shots with us!


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