An Artist From Venezuela Shows That Everyone Needs a Psychotherapist, Even Disney Princesses

3 years ago

As kids, many of us faced things that would later echo in our adult life, and Disney princesses are no exception. Though we tend to take their happy-ever-afters for what they are, still, there are things that might be bothering the minds of our favorite cartoon characters after having faced many difficulties on their journey to happiness. That’s why an artist from Venezuela, Maria Guadarrama, decided to dig into Disney princesses’ minds and see what was hiding behind their smiles. By the way, Maria has an enormous amount of followers on her Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages. She also has an account on and has recently published her first book, “The Unspoken Truth,” which is available on Amazon and BuscaLibre.

We at Bright Side avidly looked through all of these Disney characters’ appointments with their psychotherapist, and with the author’s permission, we’re eager to share them with you.

Meet Dr. Pink Giraffe, the psychotherapist who’s exploring the princesses’ mental health.

note from the author: “If you’re a Disney fan and are offended by my work, please understand I don’t mean to harm your childhood nostalgia. This is a performance. Meet Dr. Pink Giraffe.”

Elsa from Frozen

Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Snow White from Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs

Jasmine from Aladdin

Merida from Brave

Ariel from The Little Mermaid

Cinderella from the cartoon of the same name

Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

Mulan from the cartoon of the same name

Elsa from Frozen

We’re anxiously waiting for more works by Maria! But in the meantime, can you come up with inner issues other Disney (or non-Disney) characters may have, in your opinion?


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Pink Giraffe to Princess Venelope: out of all the people you really had to believe a villian ..... 😅


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