A Rescued Kitten Has Grown Up Under the Watchful Eye of a Superhero Protector

4 years ago

We all need friends. And little fluffy kittens are no exception, especially the orphaned ones. Kitty Koma was one of them. He was alone on the street with his eyes still unopened. Luckily, he was taken home and his owner immediately found a friend for him. It turned out to be the Japanese superhero, Ultraman, who protected the kitty in his first days.

We at Bright Side are moved by this wonderful friendship and we invite you to share these warm feelings with us and look at these sweet guys.

Ultraman was the same size as the kitten.

And he always watched the fluffy guy while he was sleeping.

Even after Koma has grown...

...Ultraman saw his first steps.

And later, he could use the kitty for a fun ride.

They had fascinating conversations.

And shared one bed!

Their love was growing.

The friends spent time playing with toys...

...and supported each other in difficult times.

Koma is no longer a small blind kitten.

But Ultraman still watches him sleep.

They continue chatting as usual and hanging out together.

They are best friends!

Their friendship will never end.

Does your pet have a favorite toy? What is it? We’d like to see photos of your fluffy baby with their friend in the comments.

Preview photo credit komagram2015 / Instagram


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