A Mom of 4 Proudly Documents Her Postpartum Body and Becomes the Dose of Body Positivity We All Need

3 years ago

Sarah Nicole Landry is a mother of 4 beautiful children who takes us on an optimistic journey through her photos and stories. She shows us the insecurities she had and how she’s moved past them, helping us to accept and overcome our own.

Bright Side has put together a list of moments from Sarah’s life that will wake you up from the retouched and photoshopped world of Instagram. Instead, it will bring some well-needed positivity to our lives.

1. “My body. That still and forever holds this power.”

2. “Internal validation is like a daily vitamin.”

3. “I know I’ll love you, with every inch of how I’m meant to when I meet you.”

4. “This is me, 10 years after birth. Respecting my postpartum body, my existence in life after birth.”

5. If you zoom in on this picture, you’ll find some cool facts about stretch marks. P.S. They’re normal, embrace them.

6. “I show up. To be more than a body.”

7. This is Sarah, 10 years apart. Glowing in both pictures :)

8. We love this picture — we see a powerful, strong, unafraid woman.

9. “My body is doing a dang great job.⁣”

10. Cute belly — indeed.

11. “My confidence is no longer married to my body.”

12. Scars are like history on our bodies — and this one shows the beauty and complexity of pregnancy.

13. Our bodies ARE so good!

14. “I am powerful in my body, and I am powerful beyond it.”

15. Bodies change — and that’s okay :)

16. Stretch marks are normal.

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If you want to find out more about Sarah-Nicole Landry, you can do so here, take a look at her website, read her tweets, and watch some of her videos.


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