23 People Whose Screw-Ups Will Stay in Family Albums Forever

2 years ago

We never know what to expect from life. There are events, shocking yet hilarious at the same time, that cause questions like, “Why did this happen to me at all?”

Bright Side collected photos presenting such mini-catastrophes. Let’s hope that the heroes of this collection had happy endings and treated the situations humorously.

Don’t point at me!

It seems he’s going to get soaked.


I’ll catch you! Oops, no I won’t...

When the interview takes a turn for the worse...

Just a normal family photo...

“Apparently, it’s the end of my cup castle.”

She has no idea...

“The moment my sister dropped me stayed in our family album forever.”

Thumbs up, man down

“A friend took a picture of me at a CrossFit competition.”

The challenge is to catch your keys while riding a roller coaster.

Several seconds are left until the “Jeez, that’s painful!” phase.

Can this have a happy ending?

Ideal shot

A photo with a bee


’I almost caught the ball.’


“My superpower is to look great in photos no matter what.”

The world through the eyes of a goalie.

One, two, threeee...

Bonus: When you can’t take a fun travel with your wife as she just falls asleep in a blink every time a ride starts.

Do you have any photos showing the brightest moments of your life? We would love to see them in the comments.

Preview photo credit MrMagoo21/reddit


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