13 Photos That Prove Marriage Is Not for the Faint-Hearted

2 years ago

In movies, weddings are always followed up by the credits. In real life, a wedding means the fun part is just the beginning! You never know what your spouse is capable of before you marry them. Perhaps they use a microwave to dry a t-shirt or buy a shower curtain with a horror movie print on it. But it’s the unpredictability of everyday life that makes marriage so interesting, right. What do you think?

Bright Side gathered some photos that prove marriage is both stressful and incredibly funny.

“I came into the living room where my wife was watching the royal wedding in her wedding dress.”

“My wife saved and dried all of the flower petals from the stages of our relationship: dating, engagement, and marriage.”

“My pregnant wife is practicing her swaddling. Our cat is shocked.”

“My husband decided to microwave his shirt to dry it faster.”

“I took a loud poo and the wife laughed. I got home from work to find this waiting for me.”

“My wife and I on the happiest day of our lives”

“My wife packed my lunch, but she says that I’m fat so I only get an egg.”

“My dad tried to bake a cake for my mom’s birthday.”

“My wife loves to take a nap whenever possible. Her mom and grandma came to visit and now I see where she gets it from!”

“My wife bought a decorative sign for our kitchen.”

“My husband always forgets to put a new roll of toilet paper on. But not today.”

“My wife is away this weekend so I finally get to wear my favorite shirt that she hates.”

“My wife said that her Halloween costume would be sexy. I did not see this coming.”

Do you have any hilarious photos of your married life? Share them with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit BlackFeign/Reddit


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