10 Comics That Show How Much Today Differs From the Recent Past

5 years ago

Time really flies these days. Back in the Middle Ages, it’d take a century for the world to change ever so slightly. But now, every new decade seems like a new era. Come on, admit it — as recently as 2009, we used to live in a totally different reality without Instagram or Game of Thrones. But today, it feels like these things have been around forever!

The staff of Bright Side decided to take a closer look at the subject of time and wants to visually demonstrate how much the current day differs from ages past!

Our idea of family has changed.

We’re paying more attention to safety.

The quality of TV shows has improved greatly, while our anticipation for the start of new seasons remains the same!

Rare dog breeds and other exotic pets have become common.

We’ve become addicted to gadgets.

So much so that sometimes, we fail to notice each other.

Then again, some things haven’t changed at all. We’re still prone to self-admiration.

Our day is still only 24 hours long.

Just like before, we’re easily tied to one spot.

And we’re no closer to understanding our cats!

Have you noticed other ways in which today differs from what went on before? Or do you think that the more things change, the more they stay the same? Share your thoughts with us!

Alice Perkmini for Bright Side


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