17 Sharp-Witted People Who Just Know How to Make Things Around Them Smarter

2 years ago

Being crafty, even as an adult, can have multiple benefits for you, like stimulating the creative side of your brain. It is also a great way to get off your phone if that’s an issue for you, as it can encourage you to do something more innovative. It doesn’t have to be a project that will get you awards, but it can help you enjoy the simpler things for years to come.

Bright Side wants to give credit where credit is due, and these 17 geniuses deserve some serious acknowledgment.

1. A regular office chair with rollerblade wheels

2. “Build me a yacht with everything on board. I don’t care how much it costs.”

3. “Upon arrival at the hotel room, we were quite surprised by the imagination of the room service.”

4. “Satellite dishes are strictly forbidden.”

5. “I hacked a table to be a cute pet crate for my dog (and cats).”

6. When they say only “green cars” are allowed to park here:

7. “At my hotel’s breakfast place, you could choose how long you wanted your eggs boiled.”

8. “I wasn’t allowed to use a notebook at my cashier job, so I started writing my book on printed-out receipts. I finally published my novel.”

9. “These door cards at my hotel”

10. “Upgraded my cat’s toilet.”

11. “Honestly, I’m not in a big rush to fix it.”

12. “A Golf Mk5 with a working forklift mechanism”

13. “Foldable staircase”

14. “Wireless backup sensor”

15. “Not sure if it was intended to be hanging like that, but it works.”

16. “Whose bright idea was this?”

17. “A fake sunroof decal for your car”

Have you ever thought of such a smart solution to an everyday problem? If so, what was it?

Preview photo credit Terenpub / Reddit


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