23 Pics That Are Almost as Comforting as a Mom’s Hug

2 years ago

According to Leo Tolstoy, “if you strive for perfection, you will never be content.” However, for some, the pursuit of excellence is something they cannot avoid. Whether it’s finding certain details in nature, creating something that captures everyone’s attention, or perhaps just having the sense to take the perfect picture, it seems as if someone has put these special people into the world just to make it beautiful.

At Bright Side, we are perfectionists and that’s why we love to select and share harmonious images that also help us to see the world around us with more attention and admiration.

1. “My polymer clay cherry”

2. “The perfect symmetry of this plant”

3. “Cubic window during different times of day”

4. “This perfectly stocked grocery store, the day before its grand opening”

5. “This nearly perfect dahlia I spotted at a local park.”

6. “I found a bunch of rocks on a beach and organized them by color”

7. “When you unwrap the perfect Reese’s cup”

8. “My first ratatouille

9. “Been writing short stories for a few years, this is how they’re organized.”

10. “This high-end makeup palette”

11. “My friend created a rainbow of stones she found on the beach”

12. “The bumps in my soft serve cone look like marshmallows.”

13. “The way the Queen ages through these old to new coins of mine...”

14. “There is something oddly satisfying about melting snow and shadows.”

15. “We’ve been needing a little countertop for the space between the fridge and the stove.”

“I got this one today by eyeballing it and hoping it fit when I got it home.”

16. “The way these pumpkin seeds lined up after a swish in the water.”

17. “A week of evening beach walks at low tide”

18. “This hyperbolic curve I drew”

19. “My girlfriend’s yogurt lid”

20. “Ocean Rose Veiled Woman candle that I made for my store”

21. “Satisfying horizontal lines of a calm sea and high tide, Brighton (UK)”

22. “Gradational fall colors!”

23. “This is how the foam built up in my cup while I was washing it.”

What kind of images, sounds, or sensations relax you, and which ones do you find most stressful?

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!

Preview photo credit ma**hock / Reddit


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