16 “Before and After” Photos Showing How Fast Our Lives Can Change

3 years ago

Progress is unstoppable and it can be seen in every area of our lives. Scientists invent new devices, and people with hobbies improve on their skills. It’s very useful for people to see the changes and differences between “before” and “after” pictures. In fact, it can be very motivating and inspiring.

We at Bright Side have collected photographic examples of changes in different areas of life, from cooking to architecture.

1. 1-year difference

2. Toy Story and Toy Story 4, 24 years apart

3. Photos taken exactly 1 year apart

“I’ve always loved photos of work that showed an artist’s progress. But I’ve never thought about it and it seemed that my own works remained the same over time. Well, I was wrong.”

4. “In the above pic, I was trying to make a ring. I was drilling, hammering, and was angry. On the bottom are my rings from 2019.”

“Just look at the detail on the ring on the right!”

5. Phone cameras 8 years ago vs now

6. Progress: 2018 and 2020

7. “I have a tendency to be hypercritical and only see the mistakes. Re-doing my nail art has been one of the coolest ways to see my progress. I’m so proud of my growth!”

8. “7 days later — This Riccia is getting better”

9. My town before and after

10. McDonald’s of the ’90s and today

11. “On the left is the bird I made for my husband in 2017. And I wanted to do it again, so on the right, you can see the new one.”

12. “The left cover is my first leatherwork experience. I didn’t have any tools back then. On the right, I’m using way more technique.”

“I often heard that if you can’t make a nice picture, there’s no point in pursuing this hobby. In my opinion, if you like the process, keep doing it! Eventually, you’ll get better over time, no matter what.”

13. The transformation of women’s bathing suits

14. Calculators

15. Hair curlers of the 1940s and today

16. The hair iron: the 1960s and today

Do you have both old and modern photos that clearly portray progress?

Preview photo credit CcNeiko / twitter


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Honestly #6.. both cakes look tasty and are different styles. Still may show the baker’s growth, but they are two styles. May have clients that want either.


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