14 Pictures and Tweets That Quickly Explain Things We Google for Hours

3 years ago

Sometimes, in order to find some necessary information, we have to spend a lot of time researching. But it’s also possible to explain complex things in simple ways that even children can understand. It’s even better when there’s a picture illustrating the explanation.

We at Bright Side love simple and clear things, so we decided to find pictures and tweets that can explain some phenomena and facts better than a thousand words.

The difference between night shift and day shift. One group was drinking water, and the other one — coffee

The upper group was working during the day, and the lower one — at night.

The differences in the construction of Greek and Roman amphitheaters

“The Greek amphitheater is deep in the ground. The Roman amphitheater is above the ground.”

The difference becomes obvious with time.

“The size difference between the iPhone 12 Pro Max box and the good old iPhone 3GS box. Interesting how the thickness has changed so much over the years.”

This general store sign, showing that there is actually a difference between jelly and jam

“The difference between Ralph’s summer coat and his winter fluffies”

“The difference between my car key that has been used for 173,984 miles against when it was brand new”

The difference between vintage, antique, and rarity

“The difference in shoe wear between my regular foot and my prosthetic foot after a year”

What evolution is

Why you shouldn’t keep your wallet in your back pocket

It’s bad for your spinal cord. If you sit on it, there will be an asymmetry that might lead to pain.

How to distinguish between a wasp, a bee, a bumblebee, and a hornet:

The difference between farm fresh and supermarket strawberries

“The difference between having your front yard facing north vs south in Colorado”

What complex things can you explain in just a few minutes?

Preview photo credit The51stState / Reddit


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the thickness of iphones changed because they started putting less parts into the box


that's actually true, the strawberries from the store are always so white inside


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