15 Designs That Can Confuse Our Common Sense

year ago

Funny design fails are in no short supply on the web, but the truth is, they aren’t always what you’d expect to see. You have to dig around a little bit to find the strange, the unsettling, and even the downright baffling.

And that’s exactly what we did. We have brought you some of the most mind-bogglingly bizarre design fails our team could track down. Brace yourselves, as some of these beauties might leave you feeling rather weird.

1. “A stairwell in a hotel I stayed in”

2. “Artwork in Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport”

3. “My most recent Etsy recommendation, barefoot sandals”

4. “A doctor I know has these in her living room.”

5. “This jean pillow I found.”

6. “Excellent upholstery for my grandma’s antique chair”

7. “I found this at an antique show a few years ago.”

8. “This stairway has a surprise step.”

9. “This jean rug I found at the thrift store”

10. “This thrift store mug”

11. “This is being sold in the thrift store next to where I work in the mall.”

12. “Found at a local thrift store”

13. “This tick cake my friend made for a co-worker”

14. “Saw this lamp at the thrift store.”

15. This is a live optical illusion.

Which design left you scratching your head? What design would you like to see in your neighborhood, home, or city?


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