15+ Tattoos That Can Be Appreciated Even by Those Who Are Against This Art

3 months ago

According to a recent study, the most common requests for tattoo parlors are roses and popular quotes. Still, a tattoo is a very important step for many, and they are not willing to simply choose a picture in a catalog.

“My dad died on December 15, 2016. Today, I got a tattoo in his memory.”

“New tattoo — my friend who passed away a few years ago drew this.”

“My 78-year-old patient asked me a few months ago if I would help her cross off a bucket list item, and today was that day!”

“Got my first tattoo today in memory of my grandma.”

  • “I lived with my granny as a teenager. We had coffee together every single morning and talked. She always wore lipstick and was very glamorous, I called her my ’pretty grandma’ when I was a little girl. I miss her very, very much!”

“First tattoo — a clarinet designed by my father”

“Moved from Sydney to Ireland when I was 10. I’m 20 now and here’s my first tattoo.”

“My cat entering a room”

“A matching tattoo my little sister and I got!”

“My dog and me!”

An arm band to commemorate a year traveling the world

“My dad passed away this weekend, so I got his atom in memory of him.”

“3 generations of matching tattoos”

“A portrait of my mom”

“A portrait of my soulmate”

A tattoo that leaves no chance for those who like to ask silly questions

“The kiddo created a crazy creature out of construction paper, so I had my tattoo artist interpret it!”

“My cat”

“My grandparents’ front porch”

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My sweet granddaughter has tattoos that would fit into this article very well!

Comment with image on Bright Side

My mother has a wonderfully beautiful star tattoo in every color of the rainbow.


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