14 Times People Covered Up Their Scars With Glorious Tattoos

11 months ago

People go through many different things in their lives and are often left with scars that remind them of very unpleasant times. And while there is no way to forget these sad moments, they don’t need to see their scars every single day. So, in order to help themselves, they decide to cover the scars up using tattoos.

This tattoo artist mainly uses blossoms to cover scars.

The artist works through the tattoo parlor Tatuajes Tinta Norte, which is based in Madrid, Spain, and specializes in nature-based tattoos. Apart from flowers, trees, and animals, the artist specializes in permanent eyebrows and lipstick tattoos. Based on her Instagram page, one big part of her job is covering surgery scars with intricate flower designs that give people new confidence about their bodies.

An entertaining way to treat your scar

Professional tattooist Tom Sandys, who is based in Kent, UK, specializes in electric & hand poke tattooing. While you won’t find too many scar-covering tattoos on his page, this one definitely catches your eye. Its UFO theme, combined with the nature of the scar, creates a cheeky result.

“Scars are not something to hide. They tell the stories of your life.”

Judging from her Instagram page, Misty is a tattoo artist known for her minimalistic designs that relate to the earth and the creatures on it. While this specific design of hers is small, it perfectly accompanies the scar without hiding it.

“I am delighted with the result. My tattoo artist is very talented.”

If you visit Marta Madrigal’s Instagram page, you will notice that she does many scar-covering tattoos. She covers everything from small to bigger and more difficult scars. Her designs are mainly floral, and she is the first tattoo artist to specialize in scoliosis.

“Reconstruction tattoo. Thank you very much for the trust.”

Elinor Ink is an artist based in Evreux, France and she does all kinds of designs depending on what customers ask for. In the image above, she did a beautiful blossom tattoo on a customer who had a mastectomy. The result is absolutely breathtaking and shows how sometimes tattoo artists can play a big part in restoring people’s confidence.

“Here’s a piece from last year. This was to cover up a scar my client was very self-conscious about.”

Tattooist Marc Osborne covered a pretty big and deep scar with a set of beautiful flowers. He specializes in traditional and neo-traditional tattoos, black work, and neo-tribal designs. The final results show you how important it is to find an artist you can trust with your body and self-confidence.

Creativity never stops manifesting itself.

Artist Beltane was given the task of creating a tattoo around a small scar. Instead of finding a way to cover it, she designed a butterfly around the scar in an effort to complement it. Maybe some scars don’t need to be hidden or completely covered.

“This tattoo is one of my favorites, because of the intention, the desire, and the value of my client, who is also THE BEST and who spent 6 hours in the session like a queen.”

Artist Meri created a wonderful design that nicely covers a big and unsightly scar. We can only imagine that doing this tattoo meant she had her work cut out for her, having to keep her attention on her work for 6 hours straight. You can check out the rest of her work on her Instagram page and see for yourself why her customers trust her.


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