18 Everyday Things That We Have Never Used to Their Full Capacity

We all know how to use most objects around us, but sometimes there is no single way to make something work. So what if we could find a different approach to how these 18 everyday objects function? Be warned — the following information could forever change the way you do things.

1. Staplers

That stapler you’ve had for the longest time in the office or at home has a compartment to store spare staples. It is usually located at the bottom — as shown in the picture — but don’t hesitate to check the top if you can’t find it. You can now dispose of the boxes with new staples and just use your stapler for storage.

2. Food storage containers

When buying a food container, we mainly choose them based on their size. It is something that we can easily estimate by sight, but there is a way to know exactly how much they can hold. At the bottom, the volume measurement is indicated.

3. Shirts and buttons

Men’s shirts — and sometimes women’s shirts — have two buttons on the cuffs, but only one buttonhole. You’ve probably wondered what this second button is for. You can use it whenever you are wearing a watch, so the cuff will be looser.

4. Batteries

Most of us know that batteries are heavy pollutants, but what we probably never paid attention to is the expiration date printed on their label. So before you buy them, check how many years you’ll be able to use them.

5. Ceiling fans

This one is completely unexpected, but still true. Ceiling fans come with a small switch on the inside of the blade. Since it is not in plain sight, you’ve probably never noticed it. It allows you to change the direction of rotation, making it pull air downward or upward as you wish.

6. Items in your car

Here are two facts about your car that you may not know. How many times have you gone to the gas station and forgotten on which side the tank was? If you pay close attention to the drawing on the dashboard, you’ll see a small arrow signaling this. On the other hand, the tab under the rearview mirror allows you to control the brightness of the lights of the cars behind you.

7. Umbrellas

Some umbrellas have a tip at the top. Logic tells us that it is simply the union of each of the wires that make it up, but it has another use. After going out on a rainy day, you can’t bring a wet umbrella into your home, so you should just close it and use the tip to tap it and drain the water faster.

8. Dishwasher

Always place cups, glasses, and bowls at an angle to drain the water completely. When you unload the dishwasher, you’ll find that you don’t have to dry anything. Moreover, these appliances usually come with small supports to lock the cups, so they do not move out of place.

9. Aluminum foil

Besides being a faithful ally in the kitchen, aluminum foil can help you sharpen your scissors. Simply fold the sheet in two and make a few cuts. Bear in mind that this is not a miraculous technique, so you will have to discard those scissors that are beyond repair.

10. Hair clippers

There aren’t many indications for using a hair clipper, but maybe you didn’t know that you should clean it to prolong the hygiene and efficiency of the blades. Luckily, it’s pretty simple. You need to dip the blades — and only the blades — in shallow water and turn the machine on for a few seconds. You’ll clearly see how the hair comes out.

11. Straws in juice boxes

We usually put the bendable straw into the box long-side first. One of the reasons is we won’t lose our straw inside the juice box. However, some people insist that we should stick the straw upside down. This way, the curved part allows us to drink every last drop of juice.

12. Milk or juice boxes

There is a correct way to pour the milk or juice from a carton with a spout. We’ve spent all our life pouring the liquid with the spout as close to the cup as possible. However, if we reverse the carton, so the spout is further away, we will prevent the content from splashing violently into the cup.

13. Yarn threads

There is a more efficient way to pull the thread from the yarn. When we pull from the outside, the yarn rolls away, so we need to hold it. However, if you pull it from the center, it will stay together.

14. Stainless steel tap

It’s not something one might think about, but metal can absorb odors. Stainless steel can help us get rid of unpleasant smells that are difficult to remove with just soap and water. If after cooking you are left with garlic, fish, onion, or any other odor on your hands, just place them under water and then rub the tap.

15. The oven

The bottom drawer in most ovens wasn’t designed to store those pans we use for baking. The real function of this space is to keep the food warm if we are not going to serve it right after preparing it.

16. Water cooler dispenser

If you have a water cooler at home, you should check to see if the bottom has a small door. Many of the larger dispensers have a mini-refrigerator at the bottom front. It’s located just below the water tap and can be used to hold some canned or bottled beverages or food.

17. Microwave oven

Turns out that we shouldn’t put our bowl in the center of the microwave oven. Many experts say the right thing to do is to place the food on the edge of the plate. This way, it will be heated as evenly as possible.

18. Freezer

This tip is one of the most debated, but some people claim that we have been using our freezers wrong all this time. They have ridges on the base that can be used to stand the frozen-meat trays ups.

Have you ever been given any tips that made your life easier? What is the tip that you use on a daily basis and that you share the most with your friends?

Preview photo credit Zainab Aamir / Pexels


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