19 Times People Noticed Weird Things They Usually Ignore

2 years ago

Some sights or objects can be so familiar to us that we never question them or even think of seeing them in a new light. And it might take a stranger to point out how unique the things that surround us are. Or on rare occasions, we might have a sudden epiphany and look at an everyday object as if we’re seeing it for the very first time. Either way, these instant discoveries are proof that life is never boring because everything has many facets if we look close enough.

Bright Side is fascinated by the mysteries hidden in everyday life. Here are some photos that might make you look at your surrounding in a totally new way.

1. “I noticed something strange about my cousin’s kneecaps.”

2. “Homer Simpson hiding in my rug”

3. “My kid’s snap band is a recycled tape measure.”

4. “This weirdly mutated strawberry I found.”

5. “An old bottle of shoe cleaning liquid has some strange growth on the top”

6. “This penny came out of its lining.”

7. “I noticed this curious leaf.”

8. “I just noticed while removing a piece of tape I stepped on that my shoes have keyboards.”

9. “This spider changed his skin several times in the same spot.”

10. “This mandarin with little baby mandarin inside it”

11. “The strange reflection of our room’s mirror”

12. “This paw print my daughter found hiding inside a crayon when she broke it.”

13. “There’s a strange-looking lemon growing in my garden.”

14. “This frog that lives in my fence”

15. “I noticed while grating some cheddar cheese that the spirals started to look a lot like popcorn.”

16. “The way this rubber band wedged itself in the grooves of my shoe.”

17. “The tiny flower pattern inside this egg”

18. “My apples are red on the inside.”

19. “My scar didn’t get dirty at work.”

Do you often experience these sudden discoveries? Do you prefer change, or are you most comfortable with familiar things?

Preview photo credit xinareiaz/Reddit, GooseZeus/Reddit


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