15 Exceptional Features That Can Still Astonish Us

year ago

Just one feature can make something memorable. Nature is good at this mission. Even a simple mushroom can astonish you with its funny shape. Just don’t forget to take pictures of rare things and send them to us.

1. “Improved statue”

2. “This mushroom has the biggest booty I ever did see.”

3. “My friend appears to have a nipple on the back of his ear.”

4. “My firewood had a pine cone inside the tree.”

5. “A lemon on a lemon tree”

6. “Hoarfrost on a plant”

7. “Windshield frog”

8. “This ice wheel in my neighborhood.”

9. “This rain cloud in the Gulf of Mexico from yesterday”

10. “Flowers after an ice storm”

11. “So some bees decided to make a hive in between the window and the shutters.”

12. “Beautiful blue jellyfish”

Please stop taking the jellyfish out of the sea. Not even to look at them. Leave them alone as they help clean the sea.


13. “This spiral icicle formation”

14. “The tree prevents the snow from melting in its shadow.”

15. “A whole colony of fairy inkcaps”

Which picture amazed you the most? What unusual things have you seen today?


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