16 People That Proved You Don’t Need Much Money to Be Happy

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Almost everyone has had a situation when we couldn’t afford something we needed or wanted. And some people learned to be frugal in ways that others can’t even imagine. They fix their own clothes with embroidery, make toys and shoes for their kids, and even create little things for their pets. We’re happy for the people that always stay in a good mood no matter what and make their and others’ dreams come true, while not spending too much money.

“My son wanted a stuffed manta ray for his 5th birthday, but I didn’t have the money to buy one, so I converted his old baby blanket into one!”

“My husband had a hole in his favorite pants, so I embroidered a little turtle.”

“My wife and I thought that we could do a better job than a famous toy company.”

“I usually make cards instead of buying, but this year I got conned into doing my nieces’ cards for Father’s Day too.”

“They’re not my best work, but they’re full of love.”

“We may have wrapped a lot of things separately to make it look big, but my kids loved every second of Christmas this morning.”

“Kudos to the 8-year-old for making us this year’s tree.”

“My eldest daughter, 13, stitched over a hole in my favorite jeans!”

“We had a simple wedding with 2 guests as witnesses. It was in 2016, and I wouldn’t change a thing now.”

“I wore a cheap dress and the shoes I had, and my husband wore the clothes he had. The chapel we got married in was free. We paid for our photos. I made the bouquet myself, and we spent just $75 on dinner.”

“I finally took all the carpet samples I’ve collected and put them to use.”

“My kids loved/read this Bustletown book so much that it started falling apart.”

“But I realized the illustrations were in a sequence, so I pulled apart the pages and put them up on the wall!”

“My cousin sent me a loofa she grew. She often gives them to friends and family.”

“I made my daughter a new dress from an old one I found for 50 cents at a yard sale. Not perfect, but we really liked it!”

“Scored some gold curtains (with some slight damage) and turned them into the Belle gown!!”

“I’ve always wanted record dividers for my collection, but didn’t want to spend money on them.”

“I decided to slice up some old boxes and have my niece (3) practice her letters.”

“My daughter wanted new Adidas. I couldn’t afford them, so I made these myself. I’m a good dad, right?”

“Cat recently injured herself and can’t jump right now, so I made her some temporary stairs.”

“Hi-Vis jackets for dogs are between $40 and $80 — I bought a secondhand child’s hi-vis jacket for $1 and it fits perfectly! Frugal win!”

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Like the carpets dole floor. But looks more line tiles. I've never seen such patterned carpets....

Love!! thay belle gown....

poor girl whose dad not only didn't get new Adidas which is fine. But he then proceeded to ruin her only pair.


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