15+ Pics That Prove Creative People’s Imaginations Are Boundless

11 months ago

There are studies that show a correlation between creativity and open-mindedness, curiosity, flexibility in thinking, and self-confidence. What’s more interesting is that anyone can be creative, even animals. In this article, we want to show you that even the simplest things that people create can amaze us.

1. “My dog Finn and I did this re-creation yesterday.”

2. “My dad’s 87 and had me come help, and I find this and not him...”

3. “My friend’s father built her a baby crib.”

4. “My first attempt at snow carving”

5. “Dare I say...the ’neverending fence’ is complete.”

6. “Got tired of trimming the driveway 2-3 times a week. Made a tunnel.”

7. “I got a tattoo of my dumb cats, and I love it.”

8. “Mom sent me this photo of my stepfather’s entry in an ugly sweater competition.”

9. “My nana is bored, so she’s keeping me fresh.”

10. “I 3D-printed my son’s brain using data from his MRI.”

11. “My wife’s mom recently passed, and she found this. Her grandmother made it of all 3 generations.”

12. “A good friend had her arm stump tattooed.”

13. “A side table I made to look like a sitting table guy.”

14. “My wife likes to FaceTime with the baby while she pumps at work, but he can’t hold the iPad himself yet, so...”

15. “A melting wood effect I’m working on — still needs some sandpaper love but very pleased with my first attempt.”

16. “I made a coffee table. I think the proportions are perfect.”

Preview photo credit original_lunokhod / Reddit


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In my experience mosey baskets move too much and stir the baba so even though that boat crib is awesome its more a swing than a crib as the baba will just wake and rock way too much.


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