16 People Whose Imaginations Are Like Another Universe

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We love to express ourselves in a variety of different ways. It’s an outlet. Some people enjoy singing, dancing, or writing. But these people have imaginations that let them think big or, in some cases, small. They think outside the box to create some unusual things that sometimes require us to do a double take.

1. “I built my dream ‘80s video ’store’ in my basement over 4 long years for family, friends, and creative endeavors.”

2. “Finally finished this 1-line drawing. Up close, it should look chaotic. From a distance, it should be clear.”

3. “I’m a huuuge Stranger Things fan! This is my creepy/cute Demogorgon.”

4. “I’m a self-taught baker, and here are a few of my creations.”

5. “I made this illusion rug, banana for scale.”

6. “I made 120 bees.”

7. “I made these — Toy Cars on Canvas series. Each one weighs between 60 lb and 80 lb.”

8. “I carved, by hand in wax, these 2 Okinawa lions as my future silver ring charters. It took me almost 9 hours each.”

9. “My attempt at making nebulae”

10. “I pushed myself even harder this year. I think my photo skills have improved too (laser and hand painted/sealed).”

11. “My father made this from scratch for my niece’s third birthday.”

12. “I’m working on this chessboard. I made it from silver and 24k gold. Each square is .7 mm x .7mm.”

13. “Needle-felted dog”

14. “Painted some mini wood panels!”

15. “Finally did something creative with my knee replacement scar.”

16. “So, insane as it sounds, I was struck by lightning about a month ago! Today, I had the scars tattooed over to commemorate not being dead!”

What are your hobbies? Let us see your creations — share them in the comments.


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#16 - badass tat! You are definitely on this planet for a reason! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!!! 😊


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