This Tattooist Charges People With Self-Confidence by Turning Their Wounds and Scars Into Blossoming Art

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We could probably hardly imagine that a tattoo artist might be somewhat of a doctor or a therapist. In the case of tattooist Tran Thi Bich Ngoc, this becomes more than true. In her small Hanoi flat, she inks women whose lives have been influenced by many factors, each of them looking for healing through getting a tattoo. Let’s take a look at how masterfully Ngoc turns people’s scars into real masterpieces.

The artist started her own studio when she was very young.

Ngoc Like Tattoo was founded in 2013, just after the young artist turned 19. Things started developing very quickly in 2015 when Ngoc became truly famous for her scar covering tattoo art.

She has degrees in costume design and even in the sphere of theater and cinema. Also in 2022, Ngoc Like was listed in the top 30 Forbes Asia. Trained as a professional painter and designer at one of the most prestigious art schools in Vietnam, she had a lot of opportunities in her work. But after many experiences, it dawned on her that covering scars using tattoos was the eternal passion that she would really want to devote her life to.

The tattoos have a real healing power for people.

Ngoc helps women feel more confident about themselves and their bodies through her art. By transforming burns, blemishes, and scars into beautiful tattoos, she restores her customers’ self-esteem and helps them look at their own bodies with different eyes.

While tattooing is still a taboo in Vietnam, the young artist believes covering up scars with beautiful tattoos can be a significant part of the healing process that motivates people to start a new and happier chapter in their lives.

Each tattoo has a big value for the artist, and she cherishes her work.

Ngoc is especially emotional about all her work. In an interview, she said: “Tattoos don’t bring luck or good fortune, but they have a spiritual value for those who have them, and they give off positive energy. I’ve been doing this for a while now, and sometimes feel worn out by it all. But every time I receive a message of thanks from a customer, it’s like a ’moral gift’ that gives me strength to pursue this path into the future.”

Preview photo credit Ngoc Like Tattoo / Facebook


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