20 People Whose Style Belongs on a Magazine Cover

10 months ago

According to Guinness World Records, Elaine Davidson is the female with the highest number of piercings, which is 4225. Just like her, netizens also have their own ways of making themselves beautiful through their appearance, and here are their unique masterpieces.

1. “I wanted to share my porcupine quill, a very unique piece.”

2. “My first Valentine’s look of the season”

3. “I made this costume inspired by the symbol of Venice itself, the winged lion!”

4. “A quick and simple look I can wear to the supermarket”

5. “Spent 10 hours painting Hogwarts on myself.”

6. “I incorporated them into a tattoo — WEASELS!”

7. “Recreation from Everything Everywhere All at Once

8. “Got new earrings in the mail, just wanted to show someone!”

9. “Violet...you’re turning violet!”

10. “My ice cream-inspired western shirt”

11. “Looking to be a part of my friend’s piercing portfolio

12. “Ever since I was diagnosed with vitiligo, I’ve been called ’cow’ and ’Dalmatian,’ so I did a look inspired by that.”

13. “Was going for an Evel Knievel meets Bootsy Collins vibe

14. “This took a while to do, but I think it looks pretty cool.”

15. “Just wanted to show off my dermal ’necklace.’”

16. “A matching sweater for my pup!”

17. “I thought the mustache septums on Google Images looked absolutely ridiculous, so I just had to go get one for myself!”

18. “Crocheted my graduation dress plus cap décor.”

19. “I made a replica of my ear out of boredom!”

20. The gold jewelry is looking good all together and seems magical!


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