14 Women Taught Us a Lesson About How Makeup Can Totally Transform Your Look

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3 years ago

We are all owners of our own unique beauty. And even though there is always some part of our body or face that we are not comfortable with, the most important thing is to accept and love ourselves as we are. Now, with that in mind, the truth is that makeup can become a great ally. This is especially true when it comes to hiding the features we like the least and highlighting our favorite ones.

At Bright Side we love to see changes in someone’s look, so we prepared some before and after pictures of several women who were touched by the magic wand of makeup.

1. “The Diwali edition”

2. “Tried a ’look my best, but still somewhat subtle’ sort of look.”

3. “I did my friend’s makeup.”

4. “A 10 minute ’no-makeup makeup’ look! Concealer is my lifeline, please forgive my hair.”

5. “’No makeup’ makeup!”

6. “Before and after makeup”

7. “How subtle is my no-makeup look?”

8. “I love makeup.”

9. “Before and after, the lips carry the whole look!”

10. “Before and after soft-glam look”

11. “Used a lot more blush than I normally do — very happy with how it came out!”

12. “I’d like to say this is pretty natural (I had forgotten to take a before pic, but I just took one when I removed my makeup).”

13. “One of my proudest makeup applications! P.S: She loved it too.”

14. “When people compliment how ’flawless’ my skin is, I think I’ve perfected the natural ’no-makeup look.’”

Are you a make-up enthusiast?? Share your before and after photos with us!

Preview photo credit cigarte / Reddit


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They're all young and pretty to start with. Add a couple of decades, kids, a mortgage, a bit more stress and whatever else life throws at you, and make-up becomes essential so the neighbours and the local babies don't get scared.


I dunno why people are soooo obsessed with looks that they can waste hours doing makeup. Time waste. We should do something more productive to bring gender equality. Women just waste time in looks. Go ahead to do something which is value for time and effort, not just for how you LOOK


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