10+ Nail Jobs That'll Make You Want to Claw Your Eyes Out

4 weeks ago

We’ve gathered some daring nail job fails that not everyone would venture to flaunt out in the world. Trust us, the pocket on the back is just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s take a look and appreciate (or not) these unique creations.

1. “Finger finger nails.”

2. “Top photo is the nail design I asked for and bottom photo is what they did for $65.”

3. “The nail job I had done for my mum’s wedding.”

4. “My sister’s friend got her nails done by a ‘professional’ nail artist.”

5. “Just painted my nails on Sunday. Looked at my hands at work to see that half of my nail polish chipped off on one finger.”

6. “I paid $70 for these nails and because they wanted to upsell, I have one nail that’s off.”

7. “I paid $55 for the set and $15 for the guy’s tip.”

8. “My friend wanted ghosts painted on her nails for Halloween.”

9. “I let my boyfriend paint my nails.”

10. “Fruity fingernails.”

11. “Toenail torture or my 4-year-old painted my nails. You decide.”

12. “Who needs coke nails when you can have Diet Coke nails?”

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Preview photo credit Phedericus / Reddit


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