18 People That Know Where to Find Cool Clothes for Very Little Money

3 years ago

As it turns out, you can sometimes find cool items in secondhand stores — even some celebrities shop at thrift stores from time to time. For example, Sarah Jessica Parker admitted that she started buying clothes in thrift stores when she was young. And Alicia Silverstone said in one of her interviews that she often comes out of such places with a whole new wardrobe.

The Bright Side team was sincerely happy for the girls in this article that managed to buy really great things in local thrift stores. Take a look at what they got for yourself.

“Visited a thrift store for the first time yesterday and picked up this (possibly vintage) dress! It was 25% off, so I paid less than $5!”

“Got these vinyl pants at a local secondhand shop recently for $8.99, and I can’t stop wearing them!”

“Found this handmade jumpsuit at the Goodwill outlet that fits me perfectly!”

“A $40 thrifted vintage lace wedding dress”

“My thrifting has peaked: a kitty sweater with hand-painted fish buttons!”

“Just hit 20 lb lost and I now fit into my $3 vintage Pendleton wool skirt (with pockets) thrifted last year.”

“Stumbled upon this vintage leather pleated A-line skirt with pockets for $10.”

“Just got this true vintage London Fog emerald trench coat. I’m in love!”

“I was looking for a wedding dress. Not hoping to find anything, I went into a local thrift store and saw THIS!”

“I knew it was my dream dress! And it was just $100!”

“My first 100% cashmere sweater! Snagged it for $10.”

“This thrifted set is probably the only reason I’m waiting for the summer.”

“Thrifted this dress for $10 over the summer and I’m obsessed now that it’s cold enough to wear it.”

“The thrift gods blessed me with a little warm and fuzzy flair for $13.”

“During the last month of pregnancy, I got all this at a thrift shop for under $10. Why buy maternity wear when you can just wear cocktail dresses?”

“I bought 4 of them and they were less than $10, combined.”

“A long, real leather jacket for only $2 (the lining was ripped but that was easily fixable). The belt is also thrifted but actually cost slightly more than the jacket.”

“Vintage $8 dress I turned into a top — the best $8 I’ve ever spent!”

“A vintage hand-knit sweater I thrifted that didn’t even appear worn — I loved that it had a custom-made tag with the original knitter’s name on it.”

“I found this beautiful handmade dress. It almost fits perfectly, but I can’t zip the back.”

Where do you usually buy clothes? What are your favorite stores?

Preview photo credit MagdalenaLily17 / Reddit


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please, someone show me where to find such cool thrift stores 🤩


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