17 Epic Works of Art From Creative People

3 years ago

Creativity is a gift often hidden, and that only comes to light in times of need or boredom. However, it’s not only an attribute reserved for a few people. It doesn’t belong exclusively to renowned or famous artists. Creativity is something natural in human beings. It’s a capacity that we can all develop in one way or another, to a greater or lesser degree.

Bright Side wants to make you part of an ovation for these unknown talented individuals who create pieces of art that can meet different tastes.

1. “A stained glass cat by my mom”

2. “My first try at using resin, and I made some bookmarks!”

3. “A woodland winter wreath made by me”

4. “Made hats out of ketchup holders.”

5. “This convenience store’s floor is made of bottle caps.”

6. “These bunk beds that my sister’s kids made for their kitties”

7. “A bear statue I found in Denver, Colorado — and yes, it’s looking into the building.”

8. “I made the upvote and downvote icon with Jenga blocks!”

9. “My dad spent 8 months making his own Lego Disney that no one outside of my family would’ve seen, so I wanted to share it.”

10. “I hand-carved this Iron Man mask, and it made me feel like Tony Stark’s less capable brother. Still felt good!”

11. “My newest creation using rainbow baby’s breath”

12. “Got inspiration from the internet and used all the sea glass I found over the summer!”

13. “I made a tiny 1970s stove.”

14. “My hand-painted food rocks”

15. “I told my boyfriend I was painting flowers. I was, in fact, painting Shrek.”

16. “I painted my son’s favorite animal with a melted crayon background for his room.”

17. “My brother made the table and I painted the inside. It’ll be used as my son’s craft table when he’s older.”

What are some of your most ingenious creations? How do you express your creativity? Let us see your best accomplishments by sharing your images with us!

Preview photo credit toadallytoad / Reddit


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