19 People Who Saw Something That Made Them Stumble on Their Way

2 years ago

The odds of you being born are around 1 in 5.5 trillion chances. Imagine the probability of every little thing that has happened to you. Sometimes we hit the jackpot and cool things happen right before our eyes.

We at Bright Side found 19 photos where people stopped and wowed themselves with unexpected things that life threw at them.

1. “The most horrible flip-flops I have ever seen”

2. “25 years of life and I’ve only just discovered pink grasshoppers exist and apparently like my car.”

3. “A tomato has been lying on my countertop for weeks, guess some conditions were ideal for the seeds inside to sprout.”

4. “Saw the wiener mobile today.”

5. “Somewhere, there is a man who is very pleased with himself for landing that ball in the wet cement.”

6. Mutant and proud!

7. “Bird poop shaped like the bird that pooped it”

8. “Found this bad boy at my job, I kind of want to keep it.”

9. “A bird got itself stuck in my porch light.”

10. “A truck converted into a Tesla I saw on the way home”

11. “Just a tree I found on my walk”

12. “The mailbox is a miniature version of the building.”

13. “Eggsperts say odds are 11 billion to 1.”

14. “Just got my birthday gift from a friend and I’m speechless.”

15. “Got some lengthwise-cut bread from work.”

16. “My ice froze straight up.”

17. “When high voltage meets wood”

18. “Some chocolate syrup added to a glass of milk accidentally made a tiny question mark.”

19. “Chocolate-dipped pickles to make your kid quit popsicles”

Would you try a chocolate-dipped pickle? Why? What’s the most eccentric recipe that you’ve ever encountered? Tell us about your personal anecdotes in the comments, we’d love to read them.


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