18 “Innocent” Animals Who Know Nothing About This Mess

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Oh, what a joy it is to have a cute, little, adorable pet that loves you so, so much to come home to! After a long and exhausting day at work, all you think about is probably some relaxation, peace, and cuddles with your puppy or kitten. It’s all perfect, up until the moment you walk through the door and see all the pillows have been ripped apart, holes in the walls, and broken glass and windows. And then there’s your pet, just lying there looking at you, hoping you won’t know who did it!

Bright Side considers the messes pets make to be art, so today we want to share 18 pieces of art with you, which will surely put a smile on your face...or bring back some stressful memories.

1. “Human, it’s too messy here...”

2. “Hey, I’m not done yet!”

3. “Oh no, it’s the police!”

4. “The floor was too hard, I made it softer!”

5. “I didn’t like this magazine.”

6. Nothing to see here, she’s just chilling.

7. “I don’t need training, human!”

8. Who do you think the guilty one is?

9. “I didn’t do it, I’ve been in my cage this whole time!”

10. “There were too many pillows in here.”

11. “My treats and I were playing hide and seek...I found them!”

12. “I am an experienced interior designer, trust me.”

13. When you had a party and your parents came home before you could clean the house:

14. “What? I needed some toilet paper for research.”

15. “I deserve breakfast in bed too!”

16. “Toilet paper goes here, right?”

17. “I have something I need to tell you...”

18. “I helped you with your homework, human!”

Have your pets wreaked havoc like this? We are almost sure they have, so all we ask for is for you to show us and our community so we can see which one of you has the naughtiest pet!

Please note: This article was updated in April 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


All of them are soo adorable

Makes me go and pet my cat and play with her?
If you really love your pet, you won't be angry for long. And what would it help?? It wouldn't change anything, the mess would still be the same....


And yes, before somebody asks, I had dogs and cats all my life and still have a dog now!
I don't how much I would freak out if something like this happened in my house ?

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